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Saturday, 5 December 2015: UNEP Side-event on Reducing GHG emissions through Sustainable Public Procurement (flyer; press release; report; Seoul Declaration)

Building a new climate regime in a global economy:
Marc Steiner on the WTO Government Procurement Agreement and Green Public Procurement

WTO Government Procurement Agree­ment Symposium 2015
Presentation Marc Steiner on Sustainable Public Procurement (PDF;  cf. publications Marc Steiner "The WTO Government Procurement Agreement: Assessing the scope for green procurement" and Nicholas Niggli on the revised Government Procurement Agreement)

The Revised GPA - More Scope for Green Public Procurement? (Podcast)

April 2015: WTO and UNEP enhance dialogue on trade and environmental issues

January 15th, 2014/European Parliament: New EU-procurement rules to ensure better quality and value for money  (PDF)  - a step forward for green and social public procurement

Homepage on Green
Public Procurement

What is Green Public Procurement (GPP)? (PDF-file; cf. EU GPP News Alert)

(European Commission: Handbook as PDF)

Sustainable Procurement - (Swiss) Recommendations for the federal procurement offices, November 2010

The Federal Constitution of 18 April 1999 makes sustainable development a long-term objective of the national policy: more...

Download Recommendations
(PDF 2.8 MB)

UNEP - Sustainable Public Procurement: Briefing Note (2012)

Buying for a Better World: A Guide on Sustainable Procurement for the UN System

UNEP 2012: The Impacts of Sustainable Public Procurement

Sustainable Public Procurement Initiative SPPI
(UNEP on Sustainable Public Procurement Initiative)
(Presentation Farid Yaker, UNEP, September 2013)

Sustainable Public Procurement: A Global Review, Final Report (UNEP), December 2013

10YFP Sustainable Public Procurement
(The 10YFP Programme on Sustainable Public Procurement, brochure [PDF, June 2015])
(The 10YFP Programme on Sustainable Public Procurement, vision document [PDF, June 2015])
(Presentation Farid Yaker, UNEP, September 2014)

Sustainable Public Procurement Implementation Guidelines, UNEP 2012:
Marc Steiner from the Swiss Federal Administrative Court revised the legal part of the guidelines ("Legal Review").

UNEP/10YFP: Monitoring Sustainable Public Procurement Implementation 2016 (PDF)

10YFP Sustainable Public Procurement programme (PDF)

Latest newsletter 10YFP Sustainable Public Procurement (PDF)

Green Public Procurement Programme of the Basque Country 2020